Becka Finley, Champion of Character

On behalf of the board of directors of the Character Council of Edmond, we congratulate Becka Finley for being selected as a “Champion of Character,” representing the character trait of benevolence.

Becka has demonstrated the character trait of benevolence by giving to others’ basic needs without having personal reward as her motive as she’s continually committed her talents to others, wrote Patty Hogan, who nominated Finley

“Becka is a leader who will never back down from a job she has committed to and continually commits her talents to others,” said Patty Hogan. “She is like the energizer bunny.”

She completed her college degree at the University of Central Oklahoma, working three jobs, being married and continuing to volunteer in choir, youth, kids, women’s’ ministries at her church and at the Baptist Student Union at UCO, including working at a state camp for kids during the summer.

“She has a love and commitment for kids. She has touched so many children and young peoples’ lives by her work since she was old enough to volunteer,” wrote Hogan.

Working at UCO, Finley now coordinates all the intra-mural sports activities, often serving as an umpire, which sometimes requires her to be at the softball fields until after midnight. Finley was also instrumental in the establishment of the ropes course at UCO which included preparing the site and getting certified on the course—all to benefit UCO and those who would get to use the course upon completion, added Hogan.

“I have witnessed Becka grow from a young person that any of us would be honored to know into the most loving, caring, godly, totally selfless citizen of Edmond. It is my opinion that Becka Finley exemplifies the character trait that you are looking for … she is a definite Champion of Character for Edmond,” wrote Hogan. “We are lucky to have her.”

Because of Finley’s benevolence she was honored before the City Council on October 23, 2006.

Becka Finley, thank you for representing Edmond as a “champion of character.”

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