Capt. Tim Dorsey, Champion of Character

The Edmond City Council recognized Edmond Police Officer, Captain Tim Dorsey, as a “Champion of Character” for the character trait of self-control, during their Monday night city council meeting.

Captain Tim Dorsey exemplifies the character trait of self-control (vs. self-indulgence) by avoiding unnecessary conflict and loss by resolving emotions and building good habits that reject wrong desires and resolving to do what is right, said Character Council President Jim Hulsey.

However, conflict can not always be avoided in Dorsey’s line of work. “Dorsey has always set the standard for personal self-control even in high stress encounter with the criminal element,” said Edmond Police Chief Bob Ricks.

“Captain Dorsey is in charge of the Uniform Division; the largest Division of the Edmond Police Department, which provides for the Patrol function, Traffic Enforcement and Lake Patrol duties,” added Ricks. “Dorsey is also in charge of the Emergency Response Team (ERT) which is the team responsible for high risk arrests, search warrants, hostage situations and standoffs; which can result in death or serious injury if not properly executed.

“On every occasion that I have witnessed Captain Dorsey in an ERT deployment he has handled these events with great calm, professionalism and self control,” said Chief Ricks.

“He has ensured that the threats have been de-escalated and that emotions are reduced to a level where our Officers can carry out their duties as trained. In many cases, the person involved in the encounter voluntarily surrenders after witnessing the professional response of the ERT lead so effectively by Captain Tim Dorsey.

“The quality of self control coupled with his many skills makes Captain Tim Dorsey a valued member and leader of the Edmond Police Department,” added Chief Ricks.

The City of Edmond and the Character Council of Edmond thanked Capt. Tim Dorsey for representing Edmond as a “champion of character.”

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