Champion of Character for "Gratefulness"

Dr. Peggy Geib with Dr. Cynthia Rolfe


Gratefulness is a Choice

“Peggy is an amazingly positive woman, and I feel certain it is because she has a grateful heart,” said Dr. Cynthia Rolfe, in her nomination of friend and colleague, Dr. Peggy Geib, for Champion of Character. Dr. Geib received recognition for her gratefulness during the January Edmond City Council meeting.

Dr. Geib said that she learned gratitude from her parent’s example. She chooses to begin her days with an attitude of gratefulness because she believes “a grateful heart leads to happiness.”   

Dr. Rolfe said, “Peggy is always kind to others, expressing gratitude by saying so, by sending pictures and nice notes or emails, and most importantly in her special smile. Champion of Character for Diligence and friend, Kris Rush, said, “Peggy is an incredible leader. I've never heard her speak about her successes without sincerely giving credit and appreciation to others for the outcomes.”

Recently, Dr. Geib’s husband, Richard, experienced a health crisis, which helped her to appreciate even more her family, friends and the everyday things we tend to take for granted.  Dr. Rolfe said throughout the journey, Dr. Geib expressed thankfulness for an early diagnosis and treatment. Even now “she consistently comments she is grateful for a positive outcome, for the people whose skills assisted, and for her friends who provided support.”

Dr. Geib said, “I have learned through this experience and others over the years, that no matter what your circumstances are, you can always find something to be grateful for . . . if you look for it . . . it is a choice!”

The Geibs have lived in Edmond since 1984. They raised their three children in Edmond and their children and five grandchildren live close. They have worked to give back to the Edmond community through their volunteer work. Dr. Geib met Dr. Rolfe and Kris Rush through her volunteer work as a board member of the Edmond Chamber of Commerce.

On behalf of the City of Edmond and the Character Council of Edmond, Dr. Peggy Geib was honored before the City Council as a Champion of Character for exemplifying the character trait of Gratefulness, letting others know by words and actions how others have benefited their life.

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