Cheryl Segrest, Champion of Character

If you define the character trait of responsibility as “knowing and doing what is expected of me,” then Edmond’s Chisholm Elementary School Principal Joann Graham’s nomination of Cheryl Segrest, who continues to volunteer at the school where her children once attended, would be a fitting match.

“Cheryl stands in our lobby and greets students and parents as they enter the building,” wrote Graham. “She greets them with a smile or a hug and directs them to the proper location. She assumes this responsibility even though she has no children enrolled at Chisholm.”

The benefit, according to Graham, is that, “Safety is the by product of this lady’s responsible acts. Approximately 300 students pass through her care daily. The pleasant greeting and individualized attention provide an excellent start for the children’s school day. We appreciate these responsible adults sharing their mornings with our Chisholm families.”

Graham, and the staff at Chisholm agree, “Cheryl is compassionate about helping others. She sees a need and takes care of it.”

For example, “She was in her morning greeter spot and noticed how cold the safety patrol students were as they came in after their morning duty. She purchased a hot chocolate maker for the office so we could make hot chocolate for them on cold mornings.

“We had completed our Fall fundraiser this year and the proceeds needed to be counted and verified. She gave up several mornings to assist our chairman in counting the money; a very tedious and precise process. She is always there to help. The bottom line in all of this is that she no longer has children in our building. She continues to share her time between here and their schools.”

“Cheryl can’t really be called a volunteer,” commented Chisholm 4th grade teacher Becky Shryock, “because she doesn’t ‘volunteer’ for many of the things she does.”

“She just can’t stop herself from loving people, caring for them, and showing true concern and empathy for others. When you bring these ‘good deeds’ to her attention, to thank her, or to praise her, she is genuinely surprised, because it comes from her heart and is a natural expression of just who Cheryl Segrest is.”

“I just love volunteering at my children’s schools in any way I can,” responded Segrest. “I love meeting new people and talking to everyone, no one is a stranger to me.”

The Segrest family has lived in Edmond for about 10 years now, Cheryl said, and added, “I absolutely love it here! I am married to a very wonderful guy (married for 21 years) who is also my best friend. We have two great kids: Austin (15) is a freshman at Memorial High school and plays the tuba for the Marching Band and he loves it. Courtney (12) is in 7th grade at Cimarron Middle school and plays in the band also. She also played volleyball.”

“Everything is just wonderful!” exclaimed Segrest, “I have been truly blessed! I also love to bake goodies!”

“It is an added pleasure,” said Character president Jim Hulsey, “that we were able to honor Cheryl. Each Edmond school, either public or private, participates to some degree in character education. What an added plus it is that we find such a wonderful good character mentor among the non-teaching population at our schools.”

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