Commissioner Ray Vaughn Honored as Champion of Character

Diane Krakowski, Suzanne Vaughn, Ray Vaughn, and Jackie Shaw at the August 24th City Council Meeting.

 “I have known Ray for many years and have observed him in various roles and responsibilities in life. Whether as a son, husband and father or as a professional, Ray has…exemplified the character trait of dependability,” said Jackie Shaw when she nominated Vaughn for Champion of Character for “dependability.”  Ms. Shaw goes on to state, "Ray seems to approach life from a compassionate, organized, logical stance.  His spiritual faith, values, and work ethic appear to guide him in all walks of his life.  Ray strives to live his values, show dignity and respect to others and to give back to society from the gifts with which God has blessed him."

Vaughn talked about his thirty year legal practice and his public service, sixteen years in the Oklahoma House of Representatives and nine years in county government. He said it would be difficult to fulfill those commitments “without being a dependable person.”

Vaughn credits his parents, Raymond and Sue Vaughn, Sr., his sister, Dr. Lynn Vaughn Mitchell, M.D., and his wife of 47 years, Suzanne Vaughn, for inspiring dependability in his life. He remembers seeing his dad leave a secure job at Capitol Hill High School, OKC in 1958 to join the athletic department at Central Christian College (now Oklahoma Christian University). Vaughn says, “He was the entire athletic department and… everyone depended on him to direct the school’s entire sports program. He did so for a number of years before the school could afford to hire assistance for him.”

Vaughn considers the most important example of dependability is his, “Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, whose sacrifice on the cross was not required but willingly given so that all of mankind would benefit through God’s love and promise of eternal life through him.” According to Shaw, “Vaughn's dependability has been of benefit to the citizens of our community, our area and our state over the years of his professional life.  In his personal life, he has been a blessing and inspiration to so many, extending kindness, friendship and humor to those around him.” Ray and Suzanne Vaughn have three children and nine grandchildren.

On behalf of the City of Edmond and the Character Council of Edmond, Ray Vaughn was honored before the City Council as a Champion of Character for exemplifying the character trait of dependability (fulfilling what I consented to do, even if it means unexpected sacrifice).

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