Courtney Wood, Champion of Character

The Edmond City Council recognized Edmond resident C. Courtney Wood during their Monday night city council meeting, for the character traits of initiative.

Courtney Wood exemplifies the character trait of initiative (vs. idleness) by recognizing and doing what needs to be done before asked to do it, by preparing for the opportunities of tomorrow by responding to the needs of today.

“Wood has exemplified initiative by answering ‘What can I do?’ toward saving lives by educating the public on stroke prevention,” said Character Council President, Jim Hulsey.

Despite the personal results of a stroke in 2000, Wood has adapted to his limitations and turned them into opportunities, responding to the needs of today to educate people about heart attacks and stroke preventions. His message about treating stroke victims quickly is the key to ensuring the best outcome, as stokes killed more than 157,000 Americans in 2003 alone; about 5.5 million people nationwide are stroke survivors.

Wood’s initiative has not gone unnoticed. Letters of gratitude and praise worthy contributions from the City of Edmond, Edmond Public School and the University of Central Oklahoma have all noted that it’s “…most admirable that you have taken a difficult personal experience and chosen to help others as you have with your informative newsletter on strokes,” wrote W. Roger Webb, President of UCO.

In her letter of nomination, the Edmond City Manager Assistant Deborah Garner wrote, “You just need to meet Courtney in person to totally understand the daily challenges he faces everyday, yet his dedication to getting his message out is unprecedented.”

The City of Edmond and the Character Council of Edmond expressed their sincerest appreciation to Courtney Wood for representing Edmond as a “champion of character,” and their encouragement to continue in his goals to inform the public of the dangers of stroke and heart attacks.

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