Dr. Bob Brown, Champion of Character

The Edmond City Council and the Character Council of Edmond, recognized educator and coach Dr. Bob Brown, as “Champion of Character” for the character trait of virtue, during a recent Monday city council meeting.

The trait of virtue is defined as, “The moral excellence evident in one’s life as they consistently do what is right,” said Character Council president, Jim Hulsey, adding that, “Someone who simply does what seems most convenient, or what someone else might approve of, reduces the integrity of virtue to a list of rules to follow. Everything we do causes a ripple effect and sets an example for others. Dr. Brown is a truly great example of how to consistently make ‘virtue ripples’ that were the right thing to do.”

Over the 36 years that Dr. JW Weatherford has known and worked with Brown, he had the privilege to observe Brown in a “variety of situations,” said Weatherford in his nomination of Brown as a Champion of Character.

“(Brown) has always been able to see something good in the bleakest situation,” and encouraged others when they’ve been down, or failed, and needed support, wrote Weatherford.

During many years of service, especially in the adult vocational and higher education fields, Brown consistently demonstrated the character of virtue.

Early in Brown’s education career, as an assistant coach, He demonstrated virtue by declining to do the wrong thing when a group of fans approached him to enlist his help in having the head coach replaced due to a very unsuccessful football season. Another time, as a high school football coach, Brown, despite opposition from fans, reprimanded and then had to dismiss a “star” player for the continued foul language the student used. And, as the Director of the Guthrie Job Corps Center, Brown held the moral high ground when a group of students accused a teacher of wrong doing, demanding that teacher’s resignation, which an investigation found to be false, exonerating the teacher.

“Facing a real crisis,” wrote Weatherford, who was working with Brown in the Department of Vocational and Adult Education at the University of Central Oklahoma in the 80s, “was the need for the summer school program enrollment.”

“Without this enrollment, some faculty would be laid off for summer employment,” wrote Weatherford. “Our prospective students were the vocational teachers already teaching in the public schools and the Vo-Tech schools. These teachers needed these summer school courses for certification and Master Degree Programs.”

After much thoughtful consideration among the staff, Brown’s suggestion of offering summer school programs for two extended one-month sessions allowed the students to get their courses during one month instead of two, allowing the teachers to attend summer sessions and still have some time for vacations before schools started in the fall; a program that was unheard of at the time, but that the entire University adopted and is successfully using today.

It takes a remarkable man to be able to have and to use the values of virtue. “The benefits of his actions are that people love to be around Bob, trust him, admire him and look up to him. He is a Christian that lives what he believes,” added Weatherford.

In total agreement, long-time friend and business associate, Mo Anderson, concurs, “He’s the best! There’s no one more deserving.”

Brown is an Oklahoma native, born in Hollis, and grew up in Sulphur, where he met and married his wife Jerry. They have two grown and married sons, Don Brown of Frisco, TX, and Joe Brown of Edmond. There are seven grandchildren. Bob and Jerry Brown attend the First Baptist Church of Edmond, where Bob serves as deacon and Sunday school teacher.

Bob Brown received his higher education from East Central Oklahoma State University, and his Doctorial Degree in Education from the University of Oklahoma in Business Administration and Vocational Education. He’s served in many rolls during his career; classroom teacher and athletic coach as well as a director and coordinator of vocational technical education, with his latest position as a professor for the Department of Administration, Vocational, Adult and Higher Education at the University of Central Oklahoma from 1973 until 1989.

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