Dr. Gary Wilson, Champion of Character

The Edmond City Council, in coordination with the Character Council of Edmond, recognized Dr. Gary Wilson, as “Champion of Character” for the character trait ofhumility, during the Monday evening, July 23, city council meeting.

Dr. Wilson has demonstrated the character trait of humility by his investment in others, without having a boastful attitude, touching the lives of many people, wrote Stephanie Nelson who nominated Wilson.

“I worked for Dr Wilson and his wife Nancy for two years, until recently. On an occasion when I made mistakes, he remained patient; never said a cross word. And, when he saw the look of worry or fatigue on my face, he and his wife always took me aside and took the time to find out if I was okay. When I wasn’t, they gave their time and energy to help me,” said Nelson

In the two years that Nelson worked at the Clearsight Laser Center, despite admittedly being cynical, Nelson wrote, “Dr. Wilson renewed my faith in people; he never asked for anything in return for all that he and his wife had given and taught me.”

“When I asked what I could do to ever repay him for all that he had done for me,” Nelson added, “the answer I got was ‘Help someone else in need when you are in a position to do so.’”

“To me, that is what being humble is about; helping people without asking anything in return.”

Dr. Wilson graduated for OU Medical School and is currently a full time LASIK Specialist with over 25 years of eye surgery experience. He was born and works in the Oklahoma City area, and resides in the Edmond area. Wilson lives the golden rule, saying that “I am committed to the same excellent care for my patients as I would want for myself.”

The City Council members, community and Character Council expressed their appreciation to Dr. Gary Wilson for his contribution to the success of others in the Edmond community as a “champion of character.”

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