Edmond Family Counseling Center, Champion of Character

The staff of the Edmond Family Counseling Center were recognized during the recent Edmond City Council Meeting as "Champions of Character" for their compassion, here accompanied and honored by Character Council of Edmond's board member Emoly West.

The Edmond City Council and the Edmond City Council recognized Edmond Family Counseling Center as “Champions of Character” for the character trait of compassion, during their Monday city council meeting.

“The trait of compassion is defined as ‘investing whatever is necessary to heal the hurts of others.’ This is what I see the staff endeavoring to do on a daily basis, not just because it is our profession but also because it is a part of each staff member’s personal character and value system,” wrote Jackie Shaw, director at the Edmond Family Counseling Center (EFC).

Hundreds of children, teens, adults, couples and families have benefited from their relationships with the staff of the EFC: The reception staff, research and development coordinator and therapist are committed dear friends – all constantly go above and beyond, offering kindness, resources and positive examples of faith and hope to others.

The positive impact on each client’s life, that’s passed through the Center, can be illustrated through their testimonies: “God places people in our lives to help us through this journey…I began a therapist/client relationship that remains the most important in my life,” was one response. Another responded: “They assured me that I would recover, not only the desire to live but would also regain the enthusiasm I had known …their skills and gifts helped me overcome fear, anxiety and to recover my love of life.”

And not the least: “When life looked very scary and death seemed a better option, God put (EFC) in my life and that was the blessing I so desperately needed. Thank you! Thank you so much. GOD BLESS YOU!”

The Character Council thanked the Edmond Family Counseling Center for representing the Edmond community as Champions of Character, said Council president Jim Hulsey, “…by their commitment to help others in the Edmond community; by listening carefully in their time of need and to heal their hurts—making a difference in other’s lives.”

The staff and volunteers at the Family Counseling Center are Shanna Allen, Angela Baugher, Donna Bell, Abbey Blair, Rebel Buersmeyer, Lerri Cooper, Belinda Crosier, Leigh Dean, Quinton Ellis, Robin Parks Franz, John Goetz, Carrie Kyger, Clydene Marshall, Carla McAuliffe, Bonnie McCurtain, Sandy Mold, Denise Orr, Kera Parker, Sherri Rhoten, Elizabeth Samara, Jackie Shaw, Laura Solomon and Sheila Stinnett.

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