Gary Bridwell, Champion of Character

The Edmond City Council recognized Edmond business owner, Ditchwitch of Edmond’s Gary Bridwell, as a “Champion of Character” for the character trait of resourcefulness, during their Monday night city council meeting.

Gary Bridwell has demonstrated the trait of resourcefulness (vs. wastefulness) by his ability to utilize assets that others would overlook as insignificant and turn them into important and significant contributions to success, whether those assets are individuals or materials.

“Gary always looks for ways to make everything and everyone work more efficiently in his Ditchwitch dealership,” said Kevin Turner, who nominated Bridwell for this character distinction. “(Gary) and his wife Mary Ellen have raised two outstanding children, both graduates from college, employed and men of good character due in no small part to the outstanding character of their father,” said Turner. “Gary is honest and loyal; a fine Christian; a good citizen of Edmond.”

In addition, “Bridwell has always been generous with his time and money resources; never too busy to help someone in need, using his unique ability to share resources that has helped numerous individuals achieve success in business as well as their personal lives — often helping anonymously,” said Turner. “I know of many times he has helped those less fortunate at a critical time of need.”

“While many might help a friend in need, Gary wouldn’t hesitate to help someone he doesn’t know, even a complete stranger. The man has a big heart. It would do me good to be a little more like him,” added Turner.

The City of Edmond and the Character Council of Edmond thanked Gary Bridwell for representing Edmond as a “champion of character.”

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