Jason Henley Honored As Champion Of Character for Compassion

Jason Henley is presented the Champion of Character certificate by Edmond Character Council Vice President Diane Krakowski. He was accompanied by his wife, Darah and sons Logan and Carson along with many family members and friends to receive this recognition.

A Special Delivery

Edmond, OK—January 26, 2016

Edmond UPS driver, Jason Henley, made a special delivery last October when he donated his kidney to an acquaintance. The Character Council of Edmond recognized Henley as Champion of Character for his act of compassion during the Edmond City Council meeting Monday evening.

When Edmond resident, David Odor, nominated Henley, he related how he met Greg Hall on his UPS route. Henley felt compelled to donate his kidney after learning about Hall’s illness. Henley said, “[Hall] kept asking me, ‘Why would you do that?” Henley saw it as an “an opportunity to show extravagant love to someone [he] didn’t know.” While Henley recuperated, he missed the overtime from the busiest time of the year as a UPS driver, but he gained a brother. He says, “I feel we are connected in a way most people are not.”

David Odor learned about Jason Henley’s gift to Greg Hall at church, where both Odor and Henley worship. He described Henley as a man who values living life to the fullest. He enjoys activities like “…running, swimming, biking, hiking…serving at his church…and helping others.” After receiving the transplant, Greg Hall is no longer on dialysis. Henley said, “Now Greg [is] able to swim with his kids, living an active, healthy lifestyle…”  Odor believes, “[Hall] will be able to live a normal life because of Jason. It is extremely inspiring to all who learn about this story.” Although some may liken him to a hero, Henley prefers to view his gift as something God called him to do.

Hall finished his schooling before the surgery and started a new job on December 1st.  Henley returned to work on December 29th and says, “I am fully recovered. I feel no pain or tiredness due to the procedure.”  Jason, his wife, Darah and sons Logan, 15 and Carson 10 have made their home in Edmond since 2004.

On behalf of the City of Edmond and the Character Council of Edmond, Jason Henley was honored before the City Council as a Champion of Character for exemplifying the character trait of compassion, “investing whatever is necessary to heal the hurts of others…”

The Character Council is a grassroots, nonprofit organization committed to creating a citywide initiative to build Edmond into a "Community of Character."  The group believes that the character of a nation can only be strengthened one person at a time, one community at a time. Toward that end, the Character Council of Edmond seeks to recognize residents who demonstrate character, as witnessed by those who have been affected and influenced.

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