Laura McGee honored as a Champion of Character for "Truthfulness"

Emoly Walters, Laura McGee, and Rebecca Coleman

Lead Tiger Laura McGee Honored

On behalf of the City of Edmond and the Character Council of Edmond, Lead Principal Laura McGee was honored before the City Council as a Champion of Character for exemplifying the character trait of truthfulness, “earning future trust by accurately reporting past facts.”

Mrs. McGee said her parents and her faith in Jesus helped form her character. Jesus’ Words, “…you will know the truth and the truth will set you free,” influenced her understanding of honesty. She said, “I remember a defining time in my early twenties when I realized that no matter how painful the truth may be, it is essential that I recognize, honor, and respect the truth.”

Central Middle School underwent a lot of changes this past year. Change often requires honesty and a little flexibility. Two weeks before the school year began, Mrs. McGee became the Lead Principal. Rebecca Coleman, instrumental music teacher, described how Mrs. McGee brought a fresh vision to CMS. Her candor and trustworthiness rallied the school together at a crucial time. “We were all going to be ‘fiercely’ dedicated to one another as Central Tigers,” said Mrs. Coleman.

One of the innovative and unifying ideas that Mrs. McGee implemented was Tiger Time. Mrs. Coleman explained that she wrestled with the idea of losing 30 minutes each day from class time. With Mrs. McGee’s encouragement, she overcame her concerns. Tiger Time allows students to choose from a variety of subjects to expand and improve their educational experience. Classes offered include, dancing, science experiments, computers, graphic novel club and music.  Mrs. Coleman said, “Mrs. McGee has unified this area and school in less than one year!”

Mrs. McGee believed that the end result couldn’t happen without teamwork. She said, “I work diligently to lead my teachers with honesty and integrity, but at the end of the day, it’s their willingness to embrace each other, our students, and our common vision that has resulted in healing and success.”

Mrs. McGee, her husband, Ron, and their children, Grant, Caralea and Blake moved to Edmond eight years ago. She received her Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership at the University of Oklahoma in 2010. Then taught in the Edmond Public Schools, served as the Executive Director of Teacher and Leader Effectiveness at the Oklahoma State Department of Education, and worked as assistant principal at Summit Middle School and Heartland Middle School before her promotion to Lead Principal at Central Middle School. 

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