Lynne Rowley, Champion of Character

The Edmond City Council and the Character Council of Edmond, recognized Edmond Public Schools’ Director of Elementary Education, Lynne Rowley, as “Champion of Character” for the character trait of decisiveness, during a recent Monday city council meeting.

The trait of decisiveness is defined as, “The ability to recognize key factors and finalize difficult decisions,” said Character Council president, Jim Hulsey, adding that it’s “ … a trait that, more often than not, requires gathering accurate information, keeping a clear perspective toward making the right choices, and weathering criticism as you follow through with your commitment.”

Nominated as a Champion of Character by Cheyenne Middle School Counselor Lisa Kadavy, Kadavy expressed her reasons for nominating Rowley by saying, “Mrs. Rowley is faced with making important decisions on a daily basis for Edmond Public Schools.”

“Mrs. Rowley’s good character is a sure foundation for being able to process information into sound decisions,” continued Kadavy’s nomination. “It takes time and patience to make an effective decision and Mrs. Rowley excels in this area. Decisiveness is not to be confused with rash decision making. Mrs. Rowley knows the importance of consulting with others as needed when making decisions.”

Rowley has been employed with the Edmond Public School System for over 30 years. During that time, she has served in the capacity of an elementary education teacher, an elementary administrator and is currently the Director of Elementary Education.

The theme of “processes information in making sound decisions” is echoed repeatedly, said Jim Hulsey, of Rowley’s nomination.

Dr. David Goin, Superintendent of Edmond Schools, commented, “I’m pleased to hear that Mrs. Rowley will be recognized. When I think about Lynne and the character trait of decisiveness, decisive actions result from the thorough manner in which she approaches her work. She typically is equipped with pertinent information and sound rationale prior to making recommendations and or taking actions related to her responsibilities.”

In addition, Hulsey said, it came as no surprise that Dr. Brenda Lyons, Edmond Associate Superintendent of Secondary Education remarked that, “Lynne Rowley is a person who takes her time to make decisions because she thoroughly researches the possibilities. Because of this thoroughness, when she makes a decision, it is based on fact, not feeling or conjecture.”

“Her character trait of Decisiveness is therefore deserved,” wrote Lyons of Lynne Rowley.

In Kadavy’s summation regarding the benefit of Rowley’s “unique ability to know what facts are important to consider; knowing the right decision to make and take responsibility to see that decision through to completion,” she wrote: “The benefit of Lynne’s actions has produced trust and integrity amongst her many co-workers, students, teachers, families and friends of Edmond Public Schools. Thank you Mrs. Rowley for your continued decisiveness as you serve others and exemplify good character.”

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