Nathan Walters Honored as Champion of Character for “Orderliness”

Emoly West Walters, Miss Oklahoma 2010, presented her husband, Nathan Walters, with the Champion of Character for Orderliness award, before Edmond’s City Council, Monday night. When Emoly nominated Nathan for the award, she said, “Orderliness is simply a very important aspect for him in every area.” He inspired her, “to keep things clutter free, cleaned up and where they belong.” 

Both Emoly and Nathan spoke of the role that orderliness played when they decided to start their business, MassaRossa Luxury Homes.  “I had always known I wanted to be a business owner at some point and an opportunity presented itself in the beginning of 2015. I wanted to be able to help the community and give back, and I knew I could do that if I grew a successful business,” Nathan recalled.

At the time they were expecting their first child. It “seemed to be the most inconvenient time,” Emoly said. In addition, it meant that Nathan would need to leave his job and the benefits that it offered. According to Nathan, “Being organized allowed us to start our business.  “… It has allowed us to get through these two years on the bare minimum, while dumping all of our resources into the growth of the company.

Emoly said, “Nathan’s effort and example to constantly keep our environment well-arranged and organized made it possible for us to seize an opportunity… that has resulted thus far in greater professional achievement than we could have anticipated.” Despite his “heavy and demanding workload,” Emoly said that Nathan is “able to consistently offer the same standard of service and care to every client and still “claim what time is available to spend with” their young daughter.  “… It is because Nathan is orderly that we have some sense of sanity, and we are able to enjoy the journey.”

“Being organized is great, and I would share with all people to make it a habit because it greatly reduces stress,” encouraged Nathan.

On behalf of the City of Edmond and the Character Council of Edmond, Nathan Walters was honored before the City Council as a Champion of Character for exemplifying the character trait of “orderliness” (Arranging myself and my surroundings to achieve greater efficiency).

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