Rev. Chris Shorow honored as Champion of Character for "Joyfulness"

Chris Shorow Recognized as Champion of Character for Joyfulness

Speaking with candor, Champion of Character for Joyfulness, Reverend Chris Shorow, related his struggle to deal with the suicide of a friend. Like others who have experienced such a tragic death of a loved one, he agonized
about what he could've done differently. He realized, "It wasn't about me." He chose to "look at the big picture" and rejoice over the time he was able to spend with his friend.

Joyfulness encompasses maintaining a good attitude even when faced with unpleasant circumstances. Shorow mused that, "We tend to gloss over the hard times, thinking that is joy. It's OK to be sad today, but [we] should not lose the basic component of joy . What keeps me awake at night, I won't remember six months from now. Joy takes into account one's overall blessings."

Loree Rice nominated Shorow for Champion of Character for Joyfulness, saying, "His personality truly exudes the joy of the Lord." She remembers a time when Shorow visited her in the hospital, "[He] came with a smile,
encouraging words and enthusiasm for my recovery. My spirits were lifted." Even though Shorow has "always seen the glass half full in [his] life," he also observes, "We can lose focus in day to day stuff" and sometimes we need
to set aside time to gain a new perspective. A grant from Lilly Endowment, Inc. allowed Shorow, his wife, Beth and their three sons a time to get away. They spent three months in Italy on a paid Sabbatical. Shorow says, the trip gave him "a break," allowing him to recognize "what's important in life. [It] restored [his] joy." Rice observed, "His rest and recuperation from his trip. resulted in renewed enthusiasm for his work at church. and the congregation benefited from his [revived] sense of purpose."

Shorow remarked, "Joy comes from something deep inside of your soul, not the circumstances around you. You can choose to be joyous in all situations." On behalf of the City of Edmond and the Character Council of Edmond,
Reverend Chris Shorow was honored before the City Council as a Champion of Character for exemplifying the character trait of joyfulness.

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