Scott Streller—Champion of Character for “security.”

The character trait of security, “structuring ones life around that which cannot be destroyed or taken away,” was what prompted Linda Richardson to nominate Edmond insurance and financial services agent, father of four, UCO Alumni, Scott Streller, for the character that he exemplifies.

“Scott has been an insurance agent in Edmond since 1992, and sometimes a client’s expectations are more than the insurance contract allows,” wrote Richardson, “but Scott listens and then goes to work trying to meet those expectations. He always puts others first even when it is detrimental to his interest. Perhaps that is why he has one of the highest retention rates; people realize he will put their interest first over his profits. He believes the best in others and tries to minimize their faults.”

One example would be about an elderly lady, wrote Richardson, “who came into our office almost every day for weeks; she was without a car and walked from her apartment complex, and many times Scott would have someone on the staff take her to the store and pharmacy, and pay for her food and medicine. After several months he decided to offer to sell her his car for a fraction of the value. She agreed to pay him one third, but the months rocked on with no payment, and she no longer stopped by. We later found out that this was a pattern that had been happening for the last 25 years. You might think Scott’s generosity had worn thin, but no. Even at this point Scott had made a decision that if she came to him saying she could not afford to pay for the car he was going to give her the car. Nothing, until a year later we got a tip that she was in a northwest Oklahoma City apartment complex and we found the car, which was removed with her possession. Scott found another elderly lady whose 35 year old car had worn out. He gave that car a good home with her. She is still grateful for her ‘new’ car.”

“He’s helped countless people in our community,” added Richardson. “He cares for his community; serving on the board of a school is his way of investing in the future of his four children and the children of others, while often encouraging other agents to invest themselves in the communities they live in. You will never hear him boast; he will always be giving others the credit. Edmond is fortunate to have someone with his character.”

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