Weta Thomas, Champion of Character

The Edmond City Council recognized Weta Thomas, as a “Champion of Character” for the character trait of endurance, during their August 28th City Council meeting.

Thomas has demonstrated endurance, not because of her age, but by the “resourceful, hard working, wise and practical person that her up-bringing on a southern Oklahoma dairy farm near Madill has made her,” wrote her daughter-in-law Trish Thomas.

Thomas has cultivated endurance through many hardships; a first child was diagnosed with polo that required years of medical attention; the loss of her first husband after four years of caring for him following his stroke, as she also juggled with a new career with the State of Oklahoma; followed, later, by the loss of her second husband from a sudden heart attack.

Despite having been widowed for the last 15 years, Thomas continued to live and maintain the log home on five acres of land that her second husband Henry Thomas built over 20 years ago; keeping a well maintained home and productive garden, where she grows bountiful flowers and vegetables because of her practical use of every scrap of leftovers and biodegradable materials used to enrich the soil – even normally discarded trimmed orchard limbs become a garden fence.

“She’s blended two families,” added Trish Thomas. “Weta’s two daughters and Henry’s six children; with incredible love and patience. Her home is always open for all the children and grandchildren, for every occasion, whether it’s for the holidays, birthdays or just good family fun and fellowship – and she usually insist upon preparing the meal all by herself.”

As a result of Weta Thomas’ endurance, she was honored for representing the Edmond community as a “champion of character.”

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