Champions of Character


Yara Ford Honored for "Attentiveness"


Long-time Edmond resident, Yara Ford, received recognition as Champion of Character for attentiveness at March’s Edmond City Council meeting. The Character Council of Edmond and Strata Leadership defines attentiveness as, “Concentrating on the person or task before me.”

Kelli Bayouth, counselor at Russell Dougherty Elementary, recommended Yara for the honor. In her nomination of her friend, she explained that Yara saw the need for greater mental health awareness in the Edmond community. Kelli said, “I feel her strong stance in educating on the need to take a proactive approach to the safety, health and wellness of children beginning at an early age, is such an important role for every community member.”

Yara’s mother, ­­­­­Angela Brumley, lit the path for Yara’s awareness of others. She showed her compassion for children as a Court Appointed Special Advocate and looking to the needs of others until she no longer had the strength. Yara said, “In the end she taught me some of the greatest lessons of all; life is short, be grateful, share happiness and help others during your time here on earth.” 

Another person who influenced Yara’s attentiveness was her sister, Anna Rognas. During the 8 years that Anna provided foster care, Yara walked alongside her sister. They experienced happy times, as well as the heartbreaks. Anna said, “She has been my lifelong best friend and supported my efforts as a foster mom and my love of children.” 

Yara also saw how her own life experiences through volunteering and opportunities through work helped make her more mindful of the people around her. However, the major factor to her growth in character came from the responsibilities and joys of motherhood. Yara, and her husband Joe, have three daughters. Yara said, “When I go to bed at night, I pray for their health, safety and happiness.”

Like her mom, Yara serves her community as an advocate for children. She is Co-Chair for the Edmond Public Schools Mental Health Advisory Committee. Yara said, “Our purpose is to review current programs and services in place designed to serve students and families in the area of mental health and make recommendations to help the district continue to improve efforts and ensure optimal mental health and wellness for all students.” 

Pictured-Kelli Bayouth and Champion of Character, Yara Ford.

To Nominate a Champion of Character

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